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Visiting the Acroplis and New Acropolis Museum

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Day three of my trip to #Greece found us exploring another historic site.

It's History!

The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. The museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. The new Acropolis Museum was founded in 2009, just one year prior to my trip.

Tip: Stay up to date on current climate of country you're visiting.

During our visit to #Athens, it came at a time when the country was heavily protesting. There had also been a bombing in a local bank located a few blocks from our hotel just a few days (maybe weeks) before we arrived.

Things to research:

  1. Political Climate

  2. Crime Rate

  3. Tourist Culture

  4. Cultural Differences (respect, women's rights, etc.)

On another note, I wasn't always a fan of the food but the ice cream was great. We visited a local restaurant called #Hermion that had many choices for an authentic Greek meal.

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